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Luggage for the Stylish Traveler

Because traveling sucks sometimes we might as well look cute doing it!

I found this Calpak luggage on whim one day while shopping. I wasn’t even looking for new luggage as I thought my sweet purple leopard luggage from 10 years ago was still in style (go ahead laugh, LOL!) ::insert hand on forehead emoji::. If you know me my weakness is anything pink. So I instantly beelined for this luggage. Something like pushing people out of the way, jumping over a table, dropping and rolling right into it. You know, normal people type stuff.

I am very impressed with this luggage! It’s held up for a few trips so far and it doesn’t hurt that I’ve received so many compliments on it! I found some other adorable pieces I have been eyeing so I’ve linked them below! Just click on the images to shop!


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