I am from New Jersey! I currently reside by the Jersey Shore.

I started my initial blog as Mixed With Love, which then turned into Brunette Mafia, and after realizing I wanted to establish a brand that could grow with me, I changed it to That Girl Laney. It has been this ever since!

I started by blog in 2010. I was laid off from my career in pharmaceuticals and I was looking for an outlet to express my love of writing and creativity. I started a beauty blog while attending makeup school and I shared all beauty products and secrets. I have since closed that era of my life after eventually going back to Corporate America, getting married, having a baby, and getting divorced. After I remarried my husband saw how passionate and determined I was to start blogging again. He fully supported me staying home to raise my (his step) daughter so I could share content full time. This is without a doubt my best career move!

Yes! Check out these three posts I wrote HERE! They’re incredibly informative! After you’re done reading, email me and tell me what you’re feeling + thinking! I’d LOVE to help you in any way I can, even if it’s a quick chat!

I’d say get started NOW on every social media platform you possibly can! Influencer Marketing is revolutionizing how we shop and monetize. Share your life + passions multiple times a day on Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, and Facebook, be authentic and entertaining. P.S. I am proud of you, now go create some content!

I am blessed to say I have been artistic my entire life. Most of my immediate family are artists. I fell in love with photography as child and throughout my blogging journey. In 2017 I decided to shoot more professional content and start my photography business. You can visit my photography website and see a glimpse of my work at laneychelland.com.

I started my company in 2020. I knew I wanted to help other businesses and bloggers get their company off the ground on the web. My vision finally came to life in Q1 of 2021. My company officially became Powherhaus Media LLC. I continue to work with some incredible businesses and bloggers, it’s so surreal!

We rescued our dog from a family member in Puerto Rico at 1 years old + rescued our cats from their absent mother when they were 5 days old.

I have thick dry wavy hair, mostly curly. I will typically blow dry it, straighten some areas, then curl it with a curling wand. This hair style lasts me several days before I have to wash it again.

I have dry skin with oily eye lids. I have 4 skin conditions: seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea, eczema, and keratosis pilaris. My Mac Cosmetics skin tone match is NC30-NC35 – cool + neutral.

I wear a size 8/10 in jeans + a medium/large in tops.

Hands down Walmart + Amazon! I am obsessed + always find such incredible deals! Follow me on all social media platforms to stay up to date with my latest finds!

THIS IS LITERALLY MY NUMBER ONE ASKED QUESTION! Haha! I wore Invisalign for the last 2+ years 2019-2021! What holds the Invisalign trays on my teeth are attachments (similar to clear braces attachments) so even if I don’t have a tray in my mouth, you can see the clear/white dots on each of my teeth. I no longer wear Invisalign, but I wear clear braces now. So if you see clear attachments and a metal wire or if I talk funny, it’s because of my braces.

Thank you for being here!

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