DIY Dollar Tree Skull Decor

Inspired by Stephanie Hanna Blog, I am going to show you this incredible Dollar Tree DIY! For just a few dollars, these skulls can be purchased and painted to your liking for a touch of sweet Halloween decor!

I started out by purchasing 6 skulls for $1 each from the Dollar Tree. I had some paint laying around so I used a few from Behr, and some from Hobby Lobby ($1.25 each). You can use Dollar Tree paints, too! They’re fantastic!

I took a sharpie and made circles around the head. That is where the flowers of your choice will sit. I used the box cutter to cut make the hole and cut around a bit, then used the scissors to finish it off. It was very easy to do and was not time consuming at all. Just BE CAREFUL!

I then used a sponge brushes (Dollar Tree has a pack for $1) and painted each skull three times, letting each one sit in the sun for 5-10 minutes to dry. They dried very quickly. Depending on the paint you use, it may take a bit longer to dry, just make sure it’s dry before you start your second coat. I did 3 coats, because I wanted it to be very opaque.

The “flowers” I chose were these feathered sprigs from Dollar Tree. That was the most expensive part, as I wanted them to fill the entire skull and look very sprout-y. I sound so silly HA! I don’t know the proper terminology for the kind of flowers I used nor how to describe the look, forgive me. lol Once they were dried I added the flowers and put them on my fireplace mantle.

I’m OBSESSED at how it turned out! I can’t wait to use them year after year!

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